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We represent the people that believe that access to
opportunity and education is a key factor to success.

Elite Prep University

Our Story

Elite Prep University was founded in October 2020 to advance the lives of youth in the fields of education, sports and life skills. Our mission is to provide impactful programs to help them reach their full potential. We provide resources for college-bound athletes and their families to make informed decisions. We educate youth with the latest curriculum in science, technology and the arts. We advocate. And we serve as a conduit for communities and school districts to help youth find the right path to success.

Our Mission

We provide support programs for student-athletes and students to make a successful transition to college and a career.


Help secure athletic and academic scholarships. And mentor student-athletes to excel on and off the field.


Teach youth a fun curriculum and a understanding of S.T.E.A.M. careers

Soft Skills

We develop the broad set of skills, behaviors, and personal qualities that help youth navigate their enviroments.

Our Programs

We partner with school districts to educate and mentor middle school and high school youth .

Our Vision

Changing the Trajectory

Elite Prep University programs engage young people in intentional, productive, and constructive ways while recognizing and enhancing their strengths. These programs promote positive outcomes by building confidence and opening new pathways.

Discovering Opportunities

Our S.T.E.A.M. curriculum teaches and explores 100’s of career opportunities in this field.

The Audacity to Dream

By introducing a sphere of positive influences we lower the risk of negative behaviors. Ultimately giving youth the confidence to work towards the future they envision for their families, community and professional development.

Elite Prep Leadership Team

Passionate and community focused – our leaders are opening critical learning paths for our youth to follow.

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Crispian Atkins

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Eliite Prep University

Crispina Atkins, III

President, Elite Prep University

Henry Bell

Chief Operating Officer, Elite Prep University

Edrina Smith-Hammond

Chief Financial Officer, Elite Prep University

Jill Groskreutz

Program Analyst, Elite Prep University

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